November Goals

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The year is almost over and the holiday season is in full swing! I both love & hate this time of year. While I hate that it’s dark when I will go to work & leave to go home, and I hate how cold it can get…I love everything about the holiday season! This year we are hosting Thanksgiving for my mom’s side of the family. We will have 16 adults and 2 children at our house over the course of Thanksgiving week, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s also my last month of maternity leave…and while I’m anxious about leaving Aidan at day care for what feels like a reallllly long time, I’m also anxious to get back to reality and a more structured schedule. November is full of birthdays for friends and family, too!

Kyle & I met about half our goals in October (unfortunately a weekly date night was not one of them…), so I’m really thinking hard about what I want to accomplish on this last month of mat leave and the start of the holiday season!!

Health & Fitness

  • Continue spin class (goal: 2X a week; stretch goal: 3X a week), but add in running! I want to run at least 3X a week. Ideally I can run 3 miles by the end of the month…something that was once so easy, but seems pretty out of reach right now. Maybe I’ll try a modified Couch to 5K program to get me up to speed!
  • Weight training 3X a week: On my off spin days, I want to get back into doing arms for 15 minutes a day and some basic core exercises (plank, push ups…). I use the Pure Barre routine that I memorized from countless classes which is a great arm workout. I also found a similar routine online you can follow!
  • Meal prep: I’m still transitioning to eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day and have found that failing to prepare and preparing to fail. Each Sunday (or Monday depending how the weeks go), I want to plan and prep the weeks worth of meals. This includes snacks, desserts, cheat days…all of it! When I eat healthier, my milk supply (for breastfeeding) is much better. I’ve been pinning some healthy food options on Pinterest, too!

Me Time

  • Finish 3 books: I’m currently reading “The Vacationers” (highly recommend), and just bought Elin Hildebrand’s new book, “Winter Stroll“. Finally, I still have Mindy Kaling’s newest book, “Why Not Me?” waiting on my bookshelf! All 3 of these are light reads and perfect ways to decompress after long days with the baby.
  • Enjoy the “last” of the “free time”. I want to blog more, get my hair done, nails done, take long baths, go shopping, and just enjoy the fact that although my day is primarily spent taking care of a baby, I have more free time now than once I start back at work!
  • Speaking of shopping…I want to have my Christmas shopping done. This is a little ambitious, but how great would it be to go back to work with this checked off the list????

Preparing to Go Back

  • Get Aidan (& myself) ready to start day care. This may sound vague, but this is probably my most important goal. I need to make sure he has his crib sheet, bottles labeled, spare clothes, and more put together so his first day goes smoothly. We are going to do a “trial day” (more for me than him) to drop off his things and get him acclimated to this new routine. I need to make sure I fill out his “profile” so the teacher knows his nap schedule, eating schedule, what makes him happy & soothed, what makes him sad and frustrated…and the list goes on and on. I’m pretty nervous, but also excited for him to “make friends” and have new experiences I couldn’t provide for him at home alone.
  • Plan out my work wardrobe. Not everything that used to fit, fits. And not everything that still fits, fits the same. As I continue to lose weight and get back to my old body shape, I know my clothes will fit better. I rarely dress up since I spend most of my time at home, so I need to spend November getting serious about what I can and can’t still wear so come December I’m not stressing about this!
  • Get the family on our “new schedule”. I’m dreading this goal. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I want Kyle, Aidan & I as close to our new schedule as possible so it’s easy for me to get back to work. If the plan is for me to leave the house by 7:30AM, and I need to wake up at 6AM to get up, pump, shower, get ready, get Aidan up & fed and changed and out the door…I feel like we should practice a few times. What’s my pumping schedule at work going to be? When will Aidan be napping and going to bed? Who is picking up & dropping off? So much to think about!!


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