Friday Things, vol. 7

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My pinning has been in full swing lately as we approach the holiday season!! I will be hosting my first BIG Thanksgiving (16 adults & 2 kids!) and I’ve been searching for fun ways to make the week special for all my guests. Whether it’s heart shaped sugar cubes to fun cocktail/mocktail ideas, I want this Thanksgiving to be memorable for the food, fun, and family time we spend together. Speaking of food, how great are these veggie recipe ideas? We won’t be going vegetarian for Thanksgiving, but it’s always great to get some good side dish ideas (like that acorn squash??!!?).

As far as fashion is concerned, I’ve been keeping it low key (aka living in sweat pants most days), but when all of my visitors are in town, I should probably graduate to some “real clothes” as my mom would always say. And if you’re feeling like getting really fancy, this coat is a fantastic statement piece!

Happy Friday! T-minus 20 days until the festivities begin!

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