No Bake Energy Balls

IMG_8352IMG_8354IMG_8362I have a problem. I LOVE sweets. With an otherwise healthy diet, I don’t stand a chance against dessert. I’ve tried to buy the “fun size” bars, or hide it deep in the pantry so it’s out of sight & out of mind…but it doesn’t matter. My mantra for dieting is “moderation not deprivation”, so when it comes to sweets I always indulge, just ideally moderately.

When I saw a recipe for no bake energy balls, I thought this could be a perfect, “healthier” alternative to the typical cookie & brownie I usually turn to. With ingredients perfect for a breastfeeding mom (with oatmeal & flaxseed), I knew I had to give it a try.

The best part about these balls are 1) they don’t require any baking so it’s seriously the quickest recipe ever & 2) you can mix in pretty much whatever you want. Add in some mini M&M’s instead of chocolate chips. Use almond butter instead of peanut butter. Use honey or agave. Don’t like coconut? Try it without. Want to add in some nuts? I bet walnuts or pecans would be delicious.

Just be careful that the calories can quickly add up! Enjoy!!!!

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