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1 – Rifle Paper Co. City Art Print – $40

I love these art prints from Rifle Paper Co. It’s a great gift to a friend, family member, colleague – anyone who has recently travelled! Whether in the US or abroad, Rifle Paper Co. has prints for many major cities. Collect them as you travel and it makes for a cool gallery art wall, too!

2 – Jewelry Roll – $48

A jewelry roll epitomizes the perfect travel gift. I always think that gifts should be something you wouldn’t necessarily want to spend the money on yourself, but would love to have. A jewelry roll seems frivolous (since there are tons of hacks to travel with jewelry), but a cool jewelry roll would make your friend’s travel so much easier!

3 – Comfy Sneakers – $85

How many times have you gone through the airport or to a major city that requires a TON of walking, and regretted your shoe choice?? It’s tough to find something cute and comfortable, but these Nike’s fit the bill. At under $100, it’s a great gift option for someone you love!

4 – Battery Pack – $60

Nothing is worst than running out of battery on a long travel day. Carrying along this battery pack from Kate Spade is not only convenient, but cute! Now you don’t have to worry about all the Instagramming & Facebooking you’ll surely be doing on your adventure.

5 – Scarf – $475

While definitely reserved for someone special, there’s something great about having a luxurious scarf to take with you while traveling. It makes the uncomfortable airport seat, long car ride, or dirty train car so much more enjoyable. And you know it’s always 10-20 degrees cooler on all public transportation! Of course, there are tons of cheaper scarf options out there…but make sure it’s big enough to act as a blanket!

6 – Lingerie wash & wear bags – $25

Refer to #2 – a gift that is something you wouldn’t want to buy yourself but would love to have! At $25, this is great for your BFF! Kate Spade has other travel bag options, which I highly recommend to keep your shoes from getting your clothes dirty, sorting the clean & dirty clothes, and separating your lingerie from the pile!

7 – Passport Holder – $78

What’s more fun than traveling abroad? Whipping out your cute passport holder! I personally LOVE adding that extra stamp at customs. I’m always nervous I’m going to lose my passport, so keeping it safely inside this holder would help make sure it never gets lost! Have any loved ones going abroad in 2016? This is a fun way to get them excited about it now.

8 – Sound Machine – $19.99

At under $20 (and you know those 20% off coupons are the best thing ever)…a sound machine is an amazing gift for any world traveler. My husband & I never travel without ours, and I can’t tell you how great it’s been for blocking out big city noise, loud neighbors, and overall new noises from new places. It’s small & travel friendly, and definitely a great gift!

9 – Noise Canceling Headphones – $299

While you may reserve this for that someone special, this is definitely the best gift on the list. My husband jokes that every person on a plane should have these just in case there are any loud toddlers, babies or drunk people nearby. They work wonders & are a great investment for any big traveler!

10 – Bon Voyage Travel Journal – $15

This journal is a fun gift for anyone studying abroad or planning to do some major travel in 2016. It allows you to write little memories from your favorite places all in one cute journal.


Which gifts are you getting your world traveling friends & family members?

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