Malvern Buttery


I hate (and yet, secretly love) to admit that I am a regular at our local coffee shop in our town of Phoenixville, Soltane Bridges Cafe & Bakery. The only problem is that it is closed on Mondays. While I was out on maternity leave, they were even going through renovations and were closed on Sundays, too. It was a major bummer!

One of the main workers, Peter, suggested I try out the Malvern Buttery on a day they were closed for some great coffee. The fact it has the word butter in its name instantly sold me. On a Monday during my maternity leave, I took Aidan to check it out. To my surprise, it wasn’t just a coffee shop, but a full on restaurant!!!

I was both excited about this new find, and disappointed I was there by myself (no offense, Aidan).

So, when I had friends visit from out of town, I took everyone to the Buttery for breakfast. The concept is unique – there is a “buffet” line with all the offerings for the day, based on what is fresh & available locally. Guests pick up a wooden butcher block and fill their “tray” with breakfast items like fruit, oatmeal, fried eggs & potatoes, croissants, butter with fresh jam & butter (duh…), and can choose from some great Counter Culture coffee.

We all got different things, and Kyle & I even shared a few dishes…but I LOVED the fried eggs & potato hash with fresh veggies. It was incredible. And the fruit dish didn’t have the traditional honeydew/cantalope offering…but instead offered pomegranates, pears & grapefruit!

Not only was the food delicious, this place is seriously the cutest restaurant ever. It looks like a more modern Anthropolige…and it was festively decorated with huge wreaths for Christmas!! They even sold home decor books, trinkets, household items & specialty foods.

If you’re ever visiting the greater Philadelphia area, definitely head up north to Malvern to give the Buttery a try!!!

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