Aidan’s 4 Month Stats



Wow am I behind! We didn’t post a 3 month stat update since he didn’t go to the doctor for a well visit, but by the time his 4 month came around we had so many changes, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves! I hate to admit that this weekend marks his “5 month birthday”, so while the stats are accurate, his loves/dislikes/milestones may be a hodge podge of 3 month, 4 month, & some “5 month”…Month 4 marked the end of my maternity leave and start at a new job. With that, was the start of daycare which has been a blessing in all honesty. Minus a sickness the first week, it’s been great to see him doing art projects, “playing” with other kids, going outside, and being loved on. We also started him on a mix of breastmilk/formula bottles to plump him up a bit. He dropped down to the 5th percentile in weight and our doctor recommended making bottles of breastmilk AND formula to get him a few extra ounces a day. It’s been a challenge starting back to work at a new job and finding the time to pump 2x a day (I even had to pump on an Amtrak train to NYC one day…and in a gross bathroom once I was there…), but I know it’s all worth it.

We hosted Thanksgiving this month for my mom’s side of the family, and it was great to get everyone together in Philadelphia! Aidan continues to learn from his big cousin, Jacob, & tries to keep up! Soon enough, little man! So without further ado…here are Aidan’s 4 month stats:


  • Height: 25.25″ (54%)
  • Weight: 12lbs 13oz (5%)
  • Head: 20%

Aidan Loves…

  • Francois the Fox (this was a game changer in the pacifier department)
  • Being swaddled…still…goal is to break him of this by 6 months, but we’ll see!
  • Smiling & cooing
  • Bath time
  • Watching the toddlers in the big kid room at daycare

Aidan Doesn’t Love…

  • Tummy time is better, but still frustrating
  • Long car rides


  • Started supplementing with formula since he dropped off the curve…it’s been adjustment for all of us, and trying to not have the ‘mommy guilt’
  • Much more engaged/reaching & grabbing…showing he can “play” now!
  • Rolling from back to front (we aren’t that great front to back…)
  • Started daycare…
  • And got his first sickness at daycare… He got the stomach bug from daycare & threw up 3x one night and had to have Pedialyte & breastmilk a teaspoon at a time every 5 minutes for 2 hours…it was sooooo sad
  • Made arts & crafts at school for the first time – we’ve received so many footprint projects, I love them all!
  • Started napping in the crib (yes, we still do the Rock ‘n Play since he can roll now and can’t break the swaddle…

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