Weekend Reading vol. 2


Good Things This Week

  • While Kyle was in California this whole week (not a good thing…), Aidan consistently slept through the night for me!! Even a full 12.5 hours (I had to wake HIM up) one night. Going back to daycare is tiring work!
  • Visiting with friends & meeting some new babies!!
  • Getting back into my workout routine (although there was a small lapse while Kyle was out of town, but I’m back to it!)
  • Aidan turned 5 months old over the past weekend! He’s getting so big – we’ve already retired his 3 month clothes (not a good thing…)
  • Dropped Aidan off at the nursery at church so we could enjoy service “alone”. Our church requires anyone under 5 that is not with the childcare to sit in the cry room. Yes, the cry room is about as fun as it sounds. We finally got the courage to drop him off, and are excited to do it again tomorrow!

Articles to Read

  • This article on achieving “Domestic Bliss” in just 30 days…I’m not doing the full 30, but even if you did a FEW of these things you’ll feel much better about your “domestic” situation (Paper parade? Have a guest over?  Aromatherapy?? I’m in!)
  • So many New Years’ Resolutions about starting NEW things – what about finishing what you’ve already started? How can you start enjoying what you already have??
  • Since I know everyone (including me) is watching “Making a Murderer” on Netflix…here’s an overview of the case if you’ve been living under a rock recently.

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