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I have kitchen dreams on my mind. Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE our kitchen. It’s large, has tons of storage, with a massive island & plenty of prep space. But I’ve always had dreams of a WHITE kitchen.

Kyle argued that while it looks nice, it’s not practical. (Cue the eye roll….)

I get it. I can hardly keep our kitchen clean as it is, and we have the benefit of granite countertops! But that stainless steel & dark hardwood floors are tough to keep clean.

While we won’t be changing our current kitchen any time soon, let’s just say I’m keeping an open mind about any future homes.

My dreams have changed slightly…I like to say I’ve honed into my personal style & what I believe would be realistic for our growing family:

New Dream:

  • White cabinets
  • Quartz countertops (marble stains too easy, so while it LOOKS pretty, quartz is more my style)
  • A lighter, dark floor…confused? Yeah, me too. I don’t want oak, but I don’t like super dark…I think hints of grey or mixed light/dark wood would be perfect. Kind of like the 2nd or last photo…
  • Pops of color – I love the lower blue cabinets in the first photo, or the use of grey throughout (subway tiles or other backsplash), or even in the pots & pans (like a pretty green Le Creuset set)
  • Unique bar solution – whether it’s the built in wine fridge, butler’s pantry, or glass window pane cabinets (like in the 1st photo)

So likelihood of achieving this? Well, that’s what dreams are for, right? I’m hoping I can make our next kitchen our dream kitchen. Whether right off the bat, or something we work toward – one day (soon?) – this kitchen will become a reality!!!

What does your dream kitchen look like?

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  • Wow! Absolutely stunning! My dream kitchen is about a quarter of what I’ve always wanted. The size is already accomplished; it’s a very big kitchen. As far as color; I imagined it white and a grayish charcoal color (the cabinets). Along my counter, there are no back-splashes so, I would like to put back-splashes above and all along the counter tops. Appliances would be very hard to choose as far as style. Maybe silver appliances to match the charcoal theme but I wouldn’t want the kitchen to appear too dark when it becomes evening. Still a lot of planning and things to consider. Gosh! I’m getting excited just thinking about it! But your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! -Audie