Weekend Reading, vol. 3

IMG_9061 Good Things This Week

  • The weather has been GREAT for January! We’ve taken advantage of this “warm front” and try to go on walks on the trail by our house. We’ve been loving the BOB now that Aidan is old enough to sit forward facing!
  • Hosting friends for dinner and seeing Aidan interact with a puppy. Let’s just say there were tears & smiles…and a lot of uncertainty.
  • Taking a vacation day to go to a Counter Culture Coffee class on espresso fundamentals!! Check out my post if you didn’t read it this week! It was AMAZING!
  • Going to NYC for work on Wednesday – one of my favorite things about living in Philly is how easy it is to travel to all the major cities in the Northeast. I took an Amtrak from our neighboring town straight to NYC and was able to work/blog on the way!
  • Able to Facetime my parents almost every night – it’s great to stay connected to family despite being so many house away!

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