Your Greatest Years are Ahead of You

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How many times do we reflect back on our life and think about the “glory days”? Maybe that was high school or college, or your young 20s. You look at where you’re at today and feel stuck. Stuck with the thousands of choices you’ve made over all the years in your life that have accumulated to where you are today.

It’s easy to feel like the years were behind you as you look ahead to a life full of responsibility, full work days, and the burden of “adulting”.

But what if I were to tell you that your best years are ahead of you?

Would you believe me? Can you honestly look around at the life you’re living & your hopes & dreams for the future and see that the best is yet to come?

My hope for all of you reading your blog (and for myself, too!) is to look ahead at what dreams are still out there to be achieved. What’s stopping you? If you look for an excuse, you’ll surely find one.

So on this Monday morning, still fresh into the new year, I want to ask you a few questions:

  1. What dream is on the top of your mind today?
  2. What is one thing you can do TODAY to take a step toward making it a reality?
  3. What is one thing/person you need to get rid of in your life that is holding you back?
  4. What will happen if you achieve this dream? More importantly, what happens if you don’t?

Whether you have a short term goal to lose weight, a long term goal to open a business, or any number of personal goals in between (kids, a home, marriage, continued education, travel, new career….) be EXCITED, be THRILLED that the best is still to come.




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  • Alicia, this post is written so well! Love it! For me, I actually tend to have a problem with only looking to the future as holding the best days… One of my strongest strengths from the Strengthsfinder test is Futuristic, and I have to consciously remind myself that action today is what leads to the future I dream of. (Hence, your great questions that help people make that dream happen.) I also have adopted the practice of saying “THESE are the best days of my life”. No matter when, these are the best days. Learning to live in the moment.
    PS. Looking forward to talking about our blogs! Making that future happen 😉

  • I love sharing the message of “the best is yet to come” to those who think they are IN their glory days. That’s not to say they shouldn’t enjoy it, but I hope people don’t single out a certain point in their lives as the “end all, be all.” I think of the things my sweet grandma talked about in her final years with dementia. Living on the farm and working hard with her siblings. Little joys. Her babies. Hearing her “glory days” made me realize I had only scratched a surface and it made me feel invigorated. GREAT post!

  • I find myself reflecting about the way things are in highschool and missing the close relationships I had with my friends. Honestly I never really thought that something better lay ahead. I think this is a great reminder and reading this makes me excited to see what’s ahead of me.