The Cutest Baby Clothes, vol. 1 – Baby Boden


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I have to admit my love of baby clothes. When I found out I was having a boy, I must say I was a little disappointed that I’d be buying baby boy clothes instead of baby girl clothes. I always thought baby boys just wore “athletic” clothes, the colors blue & green, and polos. Getting fancy for boys equated to suspenders, bow ties, and cute hats.

Boy was I wrong!

First, I have to say that while a large portion of Aidan’s wardrobe is from the Carter’s outlet, Gymboree, hand me downs from family/friends, and the like…just from an affordability stand point…Kyle likes to say that Aidan has a more expensive wardrobe than he does. But we won’t digress into why that may or may not be the case…

I found myself underwhelmed by not only the selection at the most well-known baby brands, but found every child in America with the SAME outfits on. Not that it means ANYTHING to a 3 month old…but still…there had to be more options out there. So with the help of other mom friends and blogs, I have found a few brands that are staples in Aidan’s wardrobe. For their uniqueness, quality, and cuteness. So this is volume 1 of 3.

Let me introduce you all to Baby Boden.

Yes, there is an “adult” version, a “mini” version for young kids, and a “baby” Boden.

Since Aidan was a newborn, Baby Boden has been in the mix. Whether it’s the sleepers or rompers, you are getting a high quality, ADORABLE outfit.

While the price is relatively steep for baby clothes…you can usually find good promotions, free shipping, and the sizes do last for a while. I appreciate that while he may be swimming in the 3-6 month size at 3 months…it really does last him a full 3-4 months of use.

I mean, for goodness sakes the pants have KNEE PADS on them! Aidan can’t even crawl, but it’s sooooo stinking cute!

Not only are the clothes adorable, high quality and unique…they have AMAZING drool bibs (see pics above for example)  These are no joke, and will be featured on another upcoming blog post. All the bibs I found were food bibs, but Aidan needs something for his constant drooling. I don’t even know how this much saliva can come out of a human being. He was getting chin rashes and we changed his bib every 2-3 hours. These bibs have been a life saver!!!

Baby Boden will continue to be a part of Aidan’s closet as he grows into Mini Boden & beyond. I mean, how cute are those outfits???

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