Weekend Reading, vol. 4


Good things this week:

  • After 5.5 months Aidan is finally transitioned from the Rock ‘n Play to the crib!!! They say hindsight is 20/20 but man do I wish we transitioned him to the crib earlier. Not only can he go down without being swaddled, he can go down without being fully rocked to sleep! WOOHOO!! We may have popped some champagne in celebration of yet another milestone! More to come on our transition and lessons learned soon!
  • I had a successful trip to Grand Rapids, MI for work & Kyle survived the two nights with Aidan! It’s tough being away, but I enjoy mixing up the work week and love that I can feel comfortable that Kyle has it all under control at home!
  • We got some new Baby Boden delivered from their latest arrivals!!!! You can see my obsession on this post.
  • I cooked fish for the first time – and it wasn’t a failure!! Thank goodness for Wegmans “ready to bake” section!! Makes adding seafood so much easier.

Articles to Read

  • I love red wine and feel comfortable when I look at a menu knowing the difference between a Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Malbec. But any varietal outside of those 4? Yeah, no idea what I’m getting myself into. I love this chart from Wine Folly that shows red wine on a spectrum from light to full bodied.
  • Funny video of bad lip reading with the first Democratic debate. Try not to laugh…
  • Say it isn’t so! Another divorce in Hollywood? I always liked Jennifer Aniston more, anyway.
  • On a more serious note, while I was getting coffee this week there was talk about the drought in Ethiopia leaving over 10.2 million people without food. How about we all buy one less latte this week and donate to Save the Children

Sales & Such

  • Buy One, Get One 50% off all baby items at Hanna Andersson!!!
  • My favorite peanut butter/almond butter shop, Nutty Novelties, is offering 20% off through Saturday at midnight!!! No code needed. Try the cinnamon peanut butter – it won’t disappoint.
  • 30% off Winter Essentials at J.Crew with code GETSHOPPING
  • These Sam Edelman boots are so cute & 10% off at Nordstrom!
  • Up to 50% off all sale clothing at Ted Baker. I love this shirt, this sweatshirt, this dress, and this one!

For those of you (like me!) buried in the blizzard thanks to Storm Jonas…stay safe & stay warm!!

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