The Cutest Baby Clothes, vol.2 – Hanna Andersson


A week ago, I posted about one of my favorite baby clothing stores, Mini Boden (use this link for 15% off!!!). I have absolutely loved dressing Aidan up in bright, unique clothes for special occasions and showing him off.

An under-appreciated aspect of clothing shopping for babies is pajamas! We have recently started a pretty basic sleeptime routine to try to get him to sleep 12 hours consistently, and have been fairly successful. We start with a feeding, bath (if it’s bath night…), change into jammies, and a Bible story & one more book.

I think Aidan knows that when he gets changed into pajamas, it’s time to start relaxing & winding down for the day and our favorite pajamas to dress him up in are from Hanna Andersson. Since he’s a baby, the everyday clothing selections are fairly limited, but that hasn’t stopped us from stocking up his closet with 10-15 sleepers!!

Plus!! Save 20% on select new arrivals & Buy 1 Get 1 50% off all BABY!!! Seriously a great time to stock up on those Hanna Jammies!!

We recently got him a Dr. Seuss – “Thing 1 & Thing 2” sleeper, and are dying to get the Mickey Mouse ones soon!!!

Which are your favorite?



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