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Pic from last President’s Day Weekend at one of our favorite Indy bakeries – Cake Bake Shop!

We’re moving!!! Yep…the 5th move in 5 years of marriage…we are MOVING HOME! And by home…I mean Indianapolis!!! Fingers crossed things go smoothly, but the goal is to become a Hoosier again by the end of March.

How did we get here?

Kyle & I always wanted to spend our first few years of marriage “exploring” and putting our careers first. We moved to Philadelphia, then to Chicago, then back to Philadelphia all with jobs in mind.

While 3 weeks out on maternity leave, I got a call from work. The brand I was supporting was being sold to another company. I didn’t know how to take it. I spent 5 years working long nights, weekends, traveling, relocating, and while I totally understand business is business, it’s always a little scary & overwhelming to hear you have to switch companies.

When I began to probe into this new company, a small tidbit came out – they’re headquartered in Carmel, IN. Seriously? Of all the companies that could have bought the brand I support, who would have thought it’d be a small company nearly 20 minutes from our alma mater and an hour from my parents’ house?

As Kyle & I typically do, we choose to make lemonade out of lemons. It wasn’t the plan we had for our future, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

After learning a little bit more about the team I’d be working with & their plans for growth, it was hard to not get excited about the potential new opportunity.

One of my immediate questions – how do I get back to Indiana?

With their support & help, Kyle & I began pursuing the opportunity to move back home. We’ve been fortunate that we’ve both sold our home & bought a home in Noblesville (all pending officially closing!) and are excited to get back over Easter weekend.

We are so excited to get back home and become Butler season ticket holders, become members of the Children’s Museum, have regular visits from both our parents, reconnect with old friends & make new ones, join Young Alumni & serve the community, and continue growing in our professions.

So Indy friends – get excited!!! We’re excited to be coming back!!

#GoDawgs #BulldogsEverDoOrDie


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  • We’re happy that you guys have this opportunity’! Thank you for the invitation to your cool blog. It’ll be nice knowing that you all are closer,

    Uncle Jerry

    • Can’t wait – we’re already planning a trip to Michigan! Hoping for April (just depends how crazy getting settled is!)