Friday Things, vol. 9

Friday Things

Happy Friday!! With the big move coming ahead, I have been pinning away at more & more home decor ideas. Our new home is a new build, so there isn’t a ton of renovations to be had, but I can’t wait to make the house a home by putting our own personal touches to it. One of our first big purchases will need to be a washer & dryer, so I can’t help but look at laundry room ideas. How cute is that laundry room I found??

One of the next big purchases will be a dining room table & chairs, and while the picture above is from a Galentine’s Day party, I think I could get used to that tablescape for all of spring into summer!  Do you think those chairs look comfortable though??

And anyone who knows me knows my favorite dessert is tiramisu. But since I’ve been on a health kick lately, I clearly haven’t indulged as much on the desserts as I used to. I think the idea of a portion controlled dip could be a good way to stay on track, but still allow myself a chance to indulge. Plus, it’s a great idea for any party!

Last on my Friday things…I shared this picture on Instagram, but had to share on the blog! Kyle out-did himself this Valentine’s Day, getting me flower from Farm Girl Flowers that came with the cutest gift box of chocolate, face masks, a lollipop, candy from Sugarfina, sunglasses & vegan lip balm.


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  • Dave and I are house-hunting right now and one of my BIGGEST goals for our new home is a laundry room! I do all the laundry, and right now our washer and dryer are in the kitchen. It makes no sense, but that’s just where the landlord decided to put them! I spend an absurd amount of time checking out laundry rooms on Pinterest.

    • Well let me know if you find any good laundry rooms – I’ll check out your Pinterest page (and you can check mine out if you follow the link on my blog). We had a washer/dryer combo (yes it washed AND dried….) in our bedroom when we lived in Chicago. Very European I told myself!

  • Congratulations for the new house! With such amazing inspiration, I’m sure you’re going to rock the decorations game. Love the pair of sunglasses you got. TOO LOVELY LITERALLY!!!!

  • Looks like Kyle did a good job on your Valentine treats. Can’t beat chocolate. I gave Helen chocolate, she gave me chocolate…..

    • Kyle did well, as usual! And nothing beats chocolate (especially since this chocolate had PRETZELS inside…)!!! Hope you & Helen had a great Valentine’s Day!