Easy Make Ahead Meals

Cilantro Lime Chicken Recipe
Honey Lime Chicken (modified from this)

Life just never seems to slow down, and I’ve learned to embrace it not dread it. There always seems to be a million things that need to get done: laundry, cleaning, catching up on TV (because that is a priority… #TGIT), getting Aidan ready for the next day at daycare, work, blogging, decorating the house, calling friends & family…the list never ends. I found over the past year or so that inevitably, Kyle & I would get home from work and both be too tired to cook.

We hadn’t planned properly. And you know the saying…”Failing to plan is planning to fail.

We would end up eating out, eating junk, or not eating much at all. I was spending my time Pinning away, but never actually making anything on my boards, or anything at all.

And then I discovered the most wondrous contraption: our freezer!! Who knew the freezer was probably the best appliance in the house?? That baby has held everything most precious in our house: from ice cream to breastmilk…that baby was the gatekeeper to happiness.

So I found some more pins and books on freezer meals and am on a journey to fill my freezer with healthy, easy meals!

Easy Ideas: Chicken Dump Recipes (to grill or heat in crockpot); Burgers/Pork Chops; Asian/Indian crockpot meals (think curry, peanut chicken, Korean BBQ…); Asian flank steak (lime, honey, ginger, cilantro, & grill)…the world is your oyster! 

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