Friday Things, vol. 10

fridaythings vol 10

Happy Friday!! As we settle into our new house, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for decor inspiration! We moved into a new build, so luckily there isn’t any renovation work that needs to be done – just opportunity to turn the house into a home. Our priorities first & foremost are our backyard, basement & dining room because those need the most work (specifically, in dire need of furniture!). I can’t help but get excited for AFTER that, finishing rooms with decor pieces, paint, artwork…anything to make the house soft & cozy.

We have a great place for a play area upstairs that will be perfect for Aidan to grow into. Now that he has more space in his bedroom, I’m excited to also make that space a great learning area for him – with different textures, shapes, lights, books, and more.

Follow my Pinterest account, and stay tuned for more inspiration as we get our house underway!!

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