Weekend Reading, vol. 5

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Happy weekend!! Kyle & I are off to Avalon, NJ for a friend’s wedding (#3 of 9…) and are so excited to see some old friends and enjoy a weekend “baby free”!

Good things this week:

  • Last week at my old job – which allowed for 3 vacation days this week!!!
  • Thanks to #1….I had time to blog, shop, nap, visit with friends, workout, read, and thankfully just RELAX!
  • Aidan keeps getting BIGGER & BIGGER – he’s crawling much better, standing, eating more (blueberries, eggs, yogurt melts, puffs, and more!), and his top two teeth are ALMOST IN! These past few nights of teething have been tough, but we’re almost there!

Articles to Read:

  • The Great American Bucket List – Of the 50 things, I am thankful to say I’ve done 26 of the 50 (in some variation…meaning, I did not eat PB & banana toastie at Graceland, but I’ve been to Graceland…so I count it!). Which of these would you most want to do next?
  • Interesting read on “JOMO” (joy of missing out) – in a world where we struggle to unplug, enjoy our lives outside the screen, and experience joy instead of jealousy…definitely worth the 5 minutes!
  • A donut ice cream cone??? Yes, please.
  • Anyone with small children – love that Google has a kid-friendly browser option, Kiddle!

Sales & Such:

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