Aidan’s 9 Month Stats



Aidan is just over 9 months old, can you believe it?? I realized I haven’t been putting his stats on the blog and wanted to give everyone an update on our little man! He is doing great, and I love how adaptable babies are. He has survived a move, 2 different daycares, a few illnesses (croup and ear infection), and meeting so many new people. We absolutely LOVE this stage, although we quickly need to baby proof this house! He is easy to travel with and take out around the town which has been a blessing.


  • Weight: 20lbs 13oz –  (57%)
  • Height: 28.75 inches (63%)
  • Head: 45cm

Aidan loves…

  • Music
  • Knocking blocks over
  • Visiting his grandparents (both sides!!)
  • Splashing in the tub/pool
  • Getting into everything he shouldn’t (i.e. cords, electrical outlets…)
  • Drinking water out of his cup

Aidan doesn’t love…

  • Dogs – he cries at the sight of them 🙁 We need help!!
  • Playing alone
  • Veggies – they have to be hidden with tons of fruit


  • Crawling ALL over the place
  • Standing at his toys
  • Talking up a storm (babababa, dadada, mamama…)
  • Does peek-a-boo on his own if you give him a blanket
  • 4 teeth! And yes, we struggled with MANY nights of teething, but thankfully for now he’s back to sleeping almost 11-12 hours straight at night, with the occasional night of waking once.
  • Transitioning (slowly…) to table foods. I have this crazy fear that he will somehow choke, so I’ve been slow to try “real” food. He eats puffs, “crunchers”, yogurt melts, and some fruits & veggies cut up. We’re making it our priority to try and get him exposed to different textures and tastes over the next few months.
  • He is drinking water out of a spoutless cup.
  • “Brushing” his teeth – he actually LOVES his toothbrush and toothpaste, and we let him play with it in the morning & at night to get him used to having it in there.
  • He visited Butler University for the first time! It was a great trip (minus all the dogs that were there…)

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