Mimi Blue Meatballs



As I sit here on day 2 of my juice cleanse (post coming Thursday), I am pathetically sitting here looking through pictures of food while watching the Food Network lusting for Friday when this cleanse is over. I realized I haven’t shared pictures or thoughts on one of my recent restaurant stops on Mass Ave – Mimi Blue Meatballs!

I met my friend there for dinner after work & was excited to snag a great seat outside. It was our first time there, so the waitress walked us through the process: each menu is a dry erase board of sorts, and you mark on the menu what type of meatball you want.


You get to choose the meat & sauce, and for sides you can choose to have them served under the meatballs or to the side.

There is also always a special meatball of the day. Ours was a chorizo mix topped with queso. Yum! We decided to share an order of the Brussel sprouts, and they were delicious!


My favorite was the turkey meatball with spicy cilantro (I made a last minute change at the end to be a little more adventurous!)

They just opened up another location in Carmel, so I will probably take Kyle sometime soon if we aren’t up for traveling downtown. I highly recommend Mimi Blue Meatballs to anyone looking for a great restaurant down on Mass Ave or up in Carmel! There are options for everyone, and it did not disappoint!!!

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