A Place to Call My Own – Before & After (in progress)


Our new house has a ton of space. We bought it with the intention of growing into it over the years as our family grows & expands. One of the added perks of the house was a spare bedroom upstairs that I could convert into my own space. Kyle works from home so he took our downstairs office, but I needed a space for my desk, and a girly place I could make my own.

In Philadelphia, we used Closets by Design to put in our master bedroom closet which I absolutely LOVED. Here in Indiana, they use California Closets, and I was excited to check out their showroom in Carmel, IN to see what we could do to add some organization to this empty room.

My goal for the room was to create a place I could blog, display my jewelry & clothes for the week, my magazine collection, and feminine pieces of art on the wall.

I met with a designer and we agreed to a two phase approach to the room:

  • Phase one would add organization to the far side of the wall to have hanging clothes, shelving, baskets, open spaces for purses & magazines, and also a place for jewelry.
  • Phase two (TBD), could add shoe storage & hanging space for dresses and be located on the near side of the wall. Or, we could keep the desk there and just keep my dresses in our existing closet (or this bedroom’s closet!).

California Closets does everything custom, so it took about 6 weeks from our initial design consultation to actually get the contractor at the house to build out phase 1. It only took just shy of 4 hours and oh my goodness!!!


It turned out better than I could have imagined. The shelving is adjustable so I can make my pieces fit the configuration I want, vs. being stuck with what was built. Depending on the season & my needs, I can see this “closet” contiunally change vs. being a static piece. I love that I can make it girly & reflect my personality. It’s a fun place to come into and blog – it’s so light & airy!


I love the jewelry drawer!! I never had a good place for jewelry, I usually kept some dishes on my desk and bought a necklace holder from GMG x BaubleBar’s line (sold out, similar here). Some of my favorite pieces look even prettier in a velvet drawer! Plus, I feel like I’m taking better care of everything by separating them out so they don’t get tangled or bang against each other. A couple of my favorite pieces are my Michele watch, initial bracelet for when Aidan was born (50% off!), David Yurman ring (similar) & bracelet, and a friendship bracelet from one of my best friends (blue & red beaded one!).


Here’s a closeup of the hanging section. It’s too short for dresses (which was intentional), so I have most of my work tops here now. I love coming into this room & having it be my place to get ready for places that require a little more effort – like work or going out. By bringing these items out of my dark, messy, Master bedroom closet, it’s really given these pieces a whole new life.

On top of that, I created a section tall enough for magazines. I’ve been collecting InStyle, Vogue, Food Network, & Real Simple for a couple years now. Mostly, I focus on March/September issues, but I love the consistency of InStyle (although I need to order them by date when I get the chance). It will be fun to look back on this decades from now to see what was “in style” and how times have changed. Especially if we ever have a little girl.


Here’s a closer look at the magazine section. Still have room for more issues. I decided not to include my Glamour, Elle, or any health magazines because I didn’t have enough for them to look right.


On the left side of the closet has some shoes & purses that I wanted to get off the floor of our current closet. Again, I’m focusing more on work/dressier pieces for this closet so my tennis shoes, sandals, and boots all remain in our other closet. I’ll likely rotate these pieces seasonally, as well as focus on the shoes that get the most use.

For my nicer purses, it’s great to have a place to put them so they can be taken care of. With the little one constantly getting into things, I like being able to keep it up off the ground, but not stressing the handles by hanging it. My Chloe crossbody bag sits a little funny since it’s intended to be hanging so I may reconsider where it goes!


I have two white baskets for bigger items like denim, scarves, running shorts, or the like. I get to wear jeans to work everyday and typically rotate between three pairs. I try to mix it up with dresses or nice pants, too – but for now those are living in my other closet!


And because it’s summer, I’ve dedicated one drawer to bathing suits. I never had the space for them in the dresser that’s in our master bedroom. They have been living in a reusable grocery bag & I am so happy to get them out and in a place I can see them all at one time! And, if you’re in the market for a bathing suit, Victoria Secret is discontinuing their bathing suit line so everything is on SUPER sale. It’s the middle of their Semi-Annual sale so bathing suit bottoms are $7.99 and up and tops are $12.99 and up!



This will be phase 2 – which is still TBD. We have an option to add more storage for hanging clothes & shoes, but quite honestly, I don’t think it’s needed. I think I just need to add a rug & some decor to the wall to make this place feel complete. That, and a really cute light fixture (which I’m in the market for if you have suggestions!!).

It’s been so fun decorating this house & making it a home. We have several big things to do, but plan to accomplish over the next few years. Next will either be the dining room or basement – we’ve decided to hold off on our outside until next spring!

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