New to My Beauty Routine – La Mer



I did something major this past week. I finally splurged to try the much loved, La Mer skincare line. You can’t read many “top skincare products” reviews and not see La Mer on there. But at such a steep price (I mean, some things are $450!!) is it really worth the hype??

I’m hoping to find out (and I’m really hoping the answer is “yes”…). I saw on Nordstrom they have some starter kits with smaller sizes allowing you the chance to essentially try before you buy. I opted for a kit that had the Cleansing Foam, Intensive Revitalizing Mask, and Soft Cream.

Pro tip: Go to the store to buy this. While it’s available online, and I’m all about convenience, I had such a great sales associate helping me try & find exactly what I wanted. She took the kit and let me choose between the Cleansing Foam or Cleansing Gel. She also gave me some samples of the Treatment Lotion and Eye Balm Intense.

I already love using these products – it adds a little luxury to each day, and I must say I’m more diligent about washing my face, applying sunscreen, and adding moisturizer!!

Anyone else use La Mer and love it?? 

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