The Eagle on Mass Ave.


Last weekend, Kyle & I met a couple friends downtown Indianapolis on Mass Ave. for lunch. The Eagle has been on my list of restaurants to try since moving back, mostly because of the fried chicken, but also because of the location. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mass Ave. is my favorite go-to spot for dinner downtown. There’s such a variety of foods ranging from casual to upscale, and mostly all are on the more affordable side.

It was PRIDE weekend, so we were a little nervous everything would be really crowded, but when we got there found there was no wait to sit outside (only inside). Well, we should have known better. Sitting outside in the 95 degree weather, despite umbrellas and lots of water, was not exactly the most enjoyable experience. Especially when your meal is hot fried chicken.


You order a quarter chicken (or more) which is slightly ridiculous. I mean, who needs to eat a quarter of a chicken? Apparently I did.


And let’s just add bacon & biscuits. Because it’s not a true fried chicken joint if there isn’t bacon & biscuits involved. Those strawberry preserves were delicious. I don’t even think I need to tell you how amazing the bacon tasted. I didn’t take a picture, but I recommend skipping the spoon bread (their take on cornbread). It wasn’t that good, especially compared to the biscuits!


After an absurdly hot lunch, we knew we need to grab ice cream. Kyle & I haven’t tried Sub Zero, a place that uses liquid nitrogen to make your ice cream right in front of you!  On the walk down Mass Ave. we saw a lot of cool art. My favorite was this bee & beehive in the tree.


Kyle decided to get a cup of birthday cake ice cream and I created a coffee custard with brownie pieces. Mmmmmm…my mouth is watering just looking at these photos!


The interior is very “science-y” with a made up version of chemicals off the periodic table and a big vat of liquid nitrogen. Adds for a cool ambience, but quite honestly we were just looking for the “cool” part after being so hot.


If you visit Indianapolis, I recommend stopping by The Eagle & Sub Zero!

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