Running Update – the Road to Memphis


Checking in to share out my running progress so far, because guys – I am SO EXCITED!!! I have always loved running. And when I don’t actually LOVE the running itself, I love to hate it, because it has had such a significant impact on my life. I have never felt better since getting back into my running routine, and while some days it is hard to stay on program and stay on track (i.e. when Aidan decides 5am is a good time to start the day, or Kyle travels for work leaving me to take care of everything on my own), I’m proud to share that I’m running at least 4x a week (and my program calls for 5 days a week).

My long runs continue to improve.  My program calls for the first 6 weeks to establish a base. My long runs are 45-55 minutes, all about endurance. I’ve decided to add a little more structure and ran 4.5 miles week 1 at about 10:17 pace. I was pumped. Kyle ran the first 3 with me and we took turns pushing Aidan in the stroller (he adds about 45lbs when all is said & done). This past Sunday, I wanted to run 4.5 miles again, but see if I could improve my time. I was able to do it at 9:14 pace!!

Come Marathon weekend, we want to be able to finish it between 4-4.5hrs which is about 9:10-10:18 pace. I think we’ll be okay the first 16 miles or so, but after that – it’s anyone’s guess how long it’ll take!

One change to marathon training I am making this go around is joining a running group! I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me for my first marathon, but my friend joined a group & encouraged me to look into it here in Indianapolis. I decided to join the Indy Runner’s Club because they have different groups every day of the week, and a long run marathon training program starting July 9 every Saturday. I decided to join the Tuesday & Saturday groups, meeting at Butler & in Broad Ripple, to not only hold me accountable, but help me improve my speed and endurance. On Tuesdays, you can run anywhere from 4-6+ miles, and they will begin speed training in the next couple of weeks. Saturdays are long runs, and I guess last year they had anywhere from 70-100 people every week! It will be so much better than running on my own.

That leaves Wednesday, Friday & Sunday runs on my own which really isn’t too bad! I am trying to incorporate yoga & strength training (all done via YouTube videos) a couple times a week, because I know last year I could have used a little more flexibility.

As the weather continues to get warmer, and our vacation plans draw nearer, I know that there is still much to overcome. I already feel 10x more prepared this time around than I did for Disney, and I’m excited to join a local community of runners who all have the same passion I do.

I’ll be checking in periodically to hold myself accountable & also encourage anyone else currently training for a big race!

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