Friday Things, vol. 12

friday things11

For today’s Friday Things, I found 4 cute ideas I’m stealing for this summer!!

Start your morning right:

I know that cronuts are all the rage, but have you ever heard of cruffins? I think these blueberry cruffins look delicious and would be the perfect start to any morning!

Host an outdoor BBQ:

And as summer continues to hit us full force (how many more 95+ degree days will we have?!), there is something very refreshing about this lemon themed bar cart – stocked with lemonade, chardonnay, and infused water. Perfect for your next outdoor BBQ!

Lighten your space:

On the decor front, I love the rug, mirror & wall decor in this Play Area and while we continue to look for inspiration for our house, this is definitely the vibe we are going for. Although, Kyle would argue this space is a little too feminine for Aidan, I could always steal this for MY room/office!

Have a little fun:

And last, but certainly not least…how good do these injectable donut holes look? That’s right. INJECTABLE. With CHOCOLATE! I am heavily considering making these for any occasion: July 4, work, upcoming baby shower – I feel like these need to be made.

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