July Goals & Aidan’s 11 Month Update



The year is halfway over, and as we look to the back half of the year, I am really excited with what all is in store!! July is a pretty easy month for us, and we will be spending most of our free time with family & friends!! With the 4th of July kicking off the month, and our trip to Ireland the last weekend of July…and a 1st birthday celebration in between…our version of “easy” still means busy! My goals for this month are pretty simple:


  • Continue with my running program, including going to the Indy Runner’s Club meet-ups on Tuesdays & Saturdays
  • Complete the “Tone It Up” daily workout (free on their app!) at least 5x a week
  • Incorporate yoga & “alone time” to read the Bible and meditate 3x a week


  • Pack & prepare for Ireland – we leave August 1, so I have a few more weeks to make sure we have everything we need!
  • Host Aidan’s first birthday party – this is more of a party for adults, and won’t be anything too extravagant, but it’ll be a fun celebration!!!
  • Have our family photos taken – we have a college friend who took our wedding photos, and we’re excited to use her again to document our family as it is today with a nearly 1-year old!


  • I want to try at least one new recipe a week
  • Only eat out for lunch 1x a week during work & only at 2x over the weekend
  • More water!

Aidan’s 11 Month Update

Aidan is just as cute as ever!! We continue to hit milestone after milestone, and it is so hard to keep up!! He’s been on the move now for a couple months, but recently we’ve advanced to climbing stairs (up not down), pulling ourself up on the furniture & walking along, and are getting much smarter at finding escape routes.

Since there wasn’t an official doctor’s visit, his height/weight is TBD, but he is definitely a stocky boy & we love it! I have a feeling he’ll start to thin out as he learns to walk/run around & replace his formula with milk.

He eats 6oz, 4x a day, and 3 “meals” that usually consist of a combination of Cheerios, a pouch, a little bit of fruit (like, 1 strawberry), a little bit of meat, and some veggies (not all of these in one meal, but a combo of a few of them!). We are still learning what he likes & doesn’t like, and have found that it changes daily.

He is a seriously happy baby, and while he is learning to assert his opinions & frustrations more & more, he is the easiest to get to laugh or smile. His favorites are ceiling fans, lights, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, musical instruments, jumping, swimming and swinging. The list goes on and on. He is unfortunately deathly afraid of dogs still, so we have started to go to a pet store every week to try and get him more acclimated. It’s been interesting to say the least.

I know most moms say this but it is so true – each stage gets better & better! It’s hard to believe one month from today he will officially be a 1 year old, so I am trying to slow this month down & enjoy every minute before he hits the “toddler” life.

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