Anniversary Weekend – How We Celebrated 5 Years of Marriage






5 years. That’s longer than high school. Longer than college. An incredible difference when you consider a newborn vs. a 5 year old. And it’s officially how long Kyle & I have been married. Sometimes, it seems like we’ve been married forever: we dated for 3 years of college + 5 years of marriage and all the changes we’ve been through add up. But there are days I feel like it’s going TOO fast, and rushing before me.

I have enjoyed nothing more than being married to Kyle. Even being a mom to Aidan comes second. I’ve loved it all – our highs & lows, our laughs & arguments, and our polar opposite beliefs on a variety of non-important issues which have morphed into similar beliefs over time (I now must admit soccer is an okay sport to watch and Taco Bell is an appropriate dinner option to name a few…). Kyle is probably the most easy-going guy I know, and I’m happy to say these first five years of marriage have been pretty easy. We continue to grow together and support each other 100%. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in life.

To celebrate this big milestone, we started the celebration a week earlier at the 1933 Lounge downtown Indianapolis, which is the upstairs lounge of St. Elmo’s steakhouse (a must-visit if you go to Indianapolis!). We went the weekend BEFORE our anniversary when his parents were in town to watch Aidan for a wedding we went to (because taking your 11 month old to your anniversary dinner is not very fun). We ordered a variety of small plates: the world famous shrimp cocktail, filet mignon sliders, mac & cheese, grilled bacon (with a root beer maple glaze), a few Old Fashioneds, and a slice of butter cake for dessert! It was extravagant and delicious and the perfect place to celebrate any big milestone (we also went here to celebrate moving back to Indianapolis!).

On our actual anniversary, we wanted to have a special day as well. So after my 6 mile long run with the Indy Runner’s Club down in Broad Ripple, Kyle brought Aidan so we could have brunch at one of our favorite spots: Petit Chou. My usual go to is the Croque Madame (which Kyle opted for), but instead I got the broken yolk sandwich with avocado. We both got lavender mimosas & shared a chocolate crepe with berries for dessert. The best post-run meal I’ve had in a long time!

We stayed home for dinner, but after a somewhat “stressful” Saturday that I won’t go into, we were fortunate to have a free dinner on Sunday at one of our other favorites (and a restaurant owned by the same people who own Petit Chou), Napolese. Unfortunately, it was such a last minute plan, we had to take Aidan who is at the “can’t sit still age”. We spent most of our time watching him & making him entertained, than really enjoying our meal or each others’ company. But since we had already eaten out so much, we wanted to keep this meal a little more low key anyway and decided to get a small pizza and nice bottle of wine to share. When I saw the dessert options, though, I just HAD to get the affogato (which is espresso poured over ice cream)! Any restaurant that serves it, I recommend getting it!!!

The entire weekend was special, and it seemed only fitting to be celebrating back in Indianapolis – the city where we met – at some of our favorite spots. I’m excited to see where we celebrate 5 years from now!

Anyone celebrate a big anniversary recently? How’d you celebrate? 

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