5 Tips For Staying Motivated to Workout!

Chicago Half Marathon

Now that I’m back in a great running routine, I wanted to share my 5 tips for staying motivated to workout. Because let’s face it, there are ALWAYS days you would rather just sit and watch TV, press snooze, or go out for drinks. Here’s how I’ve learned to stay motivated to continue working out!

Register for a competition. For me, that’s registering for a half marathon in September, another half in October & a full marathon in December. I’ve paid the money – there is no backing out now. It also sets a clear, attainable goal: by September 24, I need to be able to complete 13.1 miles. To do this, I found a great training program that clearly maps out what I need to do each day (which includes rest days) so I can reach my goal. This helps me stay motivated because I know that missing a workout here or there can really add up, and I need to be ready by September!Columbus Half Marathon

Join a group. I have found it so much easier to stay motivated now that I joined the Indy Runner’s Club. They meet every day, but I’ve committed to going Tuesdays & Saturdays. It’s much easier when you have a set time & place to meet like-minded people that will encourage you while you work out. My Saturday long run group is going to begin marathon training this Saturday by starting with an 8 mile long run – something that would be much more difficult to do on my own! My Tuesday running group usually runs between 4-6 miles, and while I can usually run 4 miles on my own, doing 6 on a Tuesday would only happen with this group. So whether you’re looking to run, or do another activity – find a group to join. Obviously group fitness classes (barre, pilates, yoga, Crossfit) are all great options, but even look at your local Parks & Rec to see if they have any outdoor classes this summer!Disney Marathon

Share your workouts on social media. I’ve found that the more I share my workouts, it helps hold me accountable for getting it done. So whether it’s via Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (or a combo of all 4), it’s a great way to stay motivated. You’ll also discover so many other people who are working out & seeing results – because sometimes the lack of results can be a big set back in motivation. Whether you follow the girls at Tone it Up, PopSugar Fitness, or Self, you’ll be bound to find a ton of inspiration (#fitspo).Color Run

Download some apps. My favorite apps for helping me stay motivated are Spotify, Nike+, MyFitnessPal, Tone it Up and MindBody (great for scheduling group fitness classes). My friend also convinced me to download “Rock Clock” – which is an alarm clock you can set daily goals with (so it wakes you up by sharing your goal) all voiced by The Rock. You know you want to download it. Plus, you can share you goals with your friends to help hold you accountable. I haven’t gotten into it yet, but it’s on my phone so that’s step 1.5k

Buy new clothes. Kyle will hate to see this on my top 5 list, but he won’t be surprised. I recommend buying one new item at a time, as a reward for hitting a goal. I love working out if I have a new top to wear, new shorts, new accessory, you name it.

Brand I love:

  • Nike – their shoes are great (I don’t run in Nikes, but they’re great for group fitness classes!)
  • Lululemon – I love the tanks & sports bras! I have a ton of capri leggings & long leggings, and am hoping to try out the shorts soon!!
  • Fitbit – my Fitbit Alta keeps me motivated to get my 10K steps in everyday! It’s not uncommon to see me walking around our upstairs when it read 9,742 steps to get those last few in!

What motivates you to workout? 

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