Friday Things, vol. 13

friday things vol 13


For this week’s “Friday Things”, I as usual looked back at what I pinned – both from the blogs that I follow and the stuff that shows up on my feed. This mango -melon sorbet from Camille Styles looks so simple to make! There are only 4 ingredients and 3 of them are fresh fruit, the last is 1 tbsp. of coconut syrup or your favorite sweetener. That’s it! Not only is it easy, but dare I say it’s healthy, too??


As we get ready for our trip to Ireland, I’m thinking about getting a fun passport cover! I love this one from Herschel Supply, and this one I found on Etsy! Which one is your favorite?? Do you travel with a cover? I know it’s definitely not a “must have”, but I think it’ll make it easier to find which one is mine vs. Aidan’s or Kyle’s. And who doesn’t like a pink cover??


If you ever need outfit inspiration, head over to Gal Meets Glam. She has to be my favorite fashion blogger. While most of the outfits are outside my price range, I not only love the fashion, but she’s usually traveling somewhere fun around the world. She’s given me some inspiration for our trip to Ireland, too!


And last, but certainly not least – most of you know that I love a good G&T (and yes, I know some people think it tastes like pine needles or reminds you of your grandmother), but have you ever thought about adding fresh peaches?? I definitely haven’t, and I think it might make it good enough for even Kyle to try!!

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  • Wonderful post this week, Alicia. I have a well used passport cover, and I got it in RED leather, because I need to be able to find it in my bag quickly. Also, G&T is my new fave drink this year, and I’m loving it for how refreshing it is! My go-to is Bombay Sapphire with Fever Tree Tonic. What have you found that you are liking? Wouldn’t the peaches add too much sweetness to the drink? I’m in it for the refreshing pine taste also. LOVE IT! Looking forward to seeing pics of your upcoming Ireland trip. ENJOY!