Healthy Snacking Ideas


On Sunday’s I try really hard to plan for the week ahead. From laundry to meal prepping, I find that the more prepared I am going into Monday, the easier the week ahead seems to go. I usually write everything down in my planner, a Day Designer, that I absolutely LOVE!! Over time, my meal prepping has gotten simpler & simpler. Gone are the over-ambitious pre-portioned meals, 6 a day.

Healthy habits, everyone will tell you, starts with keeping a home that ENABLES you to make healthy choices. Is your fridge filled with sweets, junk food, & booze? Well, odds are you’ll turn to that at least once a day. Is your fridge & pantry full of healthy options? You may turn there more often. BUT, only if everything is “ready to eat”. Nothing is more frustrating than having fruits, and especially veggies, available but not rinsed & cut.  Or ingredients to make all those healthy meals, but you never actually get around to making anything come 7PM on a Thursday night.

So here are my two tips for easier healthy snacking/meal planning:

Swap your dessert for a Chobani FlipIf you haven’t tried these, you are seriously missing out. With flavors ranging from Peanut Butter Dream (my fave) to Coffee Break Bliss (biscotti + chocolate chips + coffee yogurt) to Key Lime Crumble (Kyle’s fave – key lime yogurt + graham crackers + white chocolate), there is sure to be a flavor for everyone. Coming in around 200 calories, this is a great substitution for almost any dessert PLUS has the protein to hold you over.

Build Your Own Veggie Tray (BYOVT): I have a pretty cheap veggie tray I bought from Target a l0ng time ago & I just started filling it with easy to eat veggies and pulling it out throughout the day. My mother-in-law did this over the July 4 weekend and I thought it was such a smart idea! There are really no excuses for poor eating, when the good stuff is sitting out just begging to be eaten. My favorites are cherry tomatoes, pickles, olives & carrots. All require zero prep work & almost everyone likes one or more of these!

What are your easy healthy snack ideas? I’m keeping my Pinterest board up to date with more ideas!

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