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As most of you know, I just joined a running group in Indy that meets on Saturdays. This was the first “official” start to marathon training for the group as they look ahead to the Monumental Marathon this November. My marathon isn’t until December, but I’m staying up with this group to hopefully get in a few more longer runs. What I love almost as much as the group itself, is that it forces me to wake up & head down to Broad Ripple every Saturday morning.

Broad Ripple is one of my favorite spots in Indy, thanks in large part to going to Butler for 4 years. The immediate strip of restaurants and surrounding area continues to grow & improve year over year, and I knew I needed to check out one of the more recent new comers – Open Society Public House. The promise of fresh pastries & a good latte is hard to pass up after a long run.



Located off of College Ave., closer to Butler than to downtown Broad Ripple, this independent coffee house has all the trappings of a great coffee spot – industrial vibe, open space, outdoor seating, great pastries, and friendly staff – I wished I didn’t have to take my order to-go to get back to the little guy!





Feeling extra generous this morning, I picked up two chocolate croissants (or pain au chocolat as Kyle likes to insist) & a 12oz latte, complete with some good latte art. I even picked up some coffee beans to go to use at home. When the tasting notes include vanilla & dried fig, you know I’m in! Plus, I’ve been dying to try the Tinker Coffee Co., handcrafted here in Indianapolis!!

If you’re visiting Indy, this would up there on my top places to try coffee – they even have fun drinks like The Kingsley: a mint & orange iced espresso shaken with cream. They stop serving coffee at 5 and transition to a full bar and small plates. This could definitely become a regular spot for us to visit morning, noon & night!

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