The Dancing Donut




IMG_0341 One of my favorite cupcake shops in Indianapolis is the Flying Cupcake. When I was at Butler, I was a frequent visitor of their N. Illinois location. The red velvet Elvis was my go-to, although they are all really fantastic. Since then, they’ve expanded out to Carmel and down to Mass Ave and everywhere in between. We love them so much, we are having them cater Aidan’s birthday party!

So when I heard that the Flying Cupcake owners also own The Dancing Donut…I knew we had to go check it out!!!

Unfortunately on the drive down there, Aidan fell asleep in the car, so Kyle & I took turns going in to check out the selection and what we wanted. Kyle went in first, picked the “cookie butter peanut prailine” donut (yeah…it was calorie free I think), and I followed up with my standard chocolate sprinkle donut.

The “Jane Dough”, as it is called, was ENORMOUS. I only ate half (praise the will power!), but I must say it was really good. There was a ton of variety, too. Kind of reminded me of Voodoo Donuts in Portland (well, not as crazy of offerings, but you get the gist).

They have another location up closer to where we live – Flying Cupcake & Donuts that has a “create your own donut” toppings bar. I usually like the tried & true donuts, but I could see that location being any little kid’s dream!

So next time you’re in the SoBro area, make the detour to The Dancing Donut!! You won’t be disappointed.

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