The Indianapolis Zoo


This weekend we went with my parents to the Indianapolis Zoo. It was Kyle’s first time there (and Aidan’s of course), and has been almost a decade since the last time I went. After living in Lincoln Park & being frequent Lincoln Park Zoo visitors (I mean, it’s a FREE zoo!), Kyle & I have developed a strong love for the zoo. Our favorite animal: the red panada. Seriously the cutest animal at the zoo, and Indy did not disappoint. The two red pandas were out & active, something we didn’t always see in Chicago! It took Aidan a while to figure out what we were looking at. He definitely missed the red panda, but by the time we got to the bigger animals (dolphins, rhinos, elephants) you could tell he could see them!


IMG_0368What’s awesome about the Indy Zoo, compared to some of the other larger zoos out there, is that they have so much free programming! We went the dolphin show – which was a full thirty minutes with 4 trainers and nearly a dozen dolphins. It was perfect for Aidan – lights that go on & off, clapping, music, a big screen, & water…it was a favorite for sure.


We also got to see the Flamingos be fed, which was a little scarier than you may think it’d be. Those birds are HUGE! You make a circle (siting cross legged so you don’t trip them) and they stand in the center eating and walking around – nibbling at your hair (not mine rest assured) or your shoelaces trying to figure out who we are. I kept my safe distance in the back, but Aidan was front & center. He was a little scared, but his fears continued to go away as the program went on.


For an additional fee, you can feed the giraffes (or just stop by to watch the other visitors!).


We had a great time – and Aidan lasted nearly 2.5 hours before it was time for us to grab lunch so we could get home for his nap. We will definitely come back soon as there were so many exhibits we missed!



Pro Tip: Get your hand stamped and walk downtown for lunch. We stopped by the JW Marriott for a quick bite to eat at High Velocity. Trust me, you won’t regret making the trip across the White River by the NCAA Hall of ChampionsEiteljorg Museum.

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