Family Photos – Aidan’s 1 Year

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A couple weekends ago, we asked our friend Caroline to shoot our family photos to celebrate Aidan’s first year! I love all of the photos I’ve taken (we’re talking THOUSANDS) this past year on my iPhone & Canon Rebel, but I knew we wanted to capture this stage of our life with a professional. Aidan was a ham, and absolutely loved the camera! He was a champ the entire time.

Unfortunately, there are too many photos to post on the blog, but I think these are the perfect representation of our little family! Aidan is clearly the center of our world, and he is a joy to be around. While we haven’t gone to the doctor for his official 1 year checkup (waiting until after Ireland) here is a fun update:

Aidan Stats:

  • Nearly 23lbs!!
  • Drinking 6oz of formula 4x a day
  • Eats nonstop – pouches, goldfish, Cheerios, puffs, veggies, raspberries, mandarin oranges, pancakes, chicken nuggets, pork, you name it!
  • Sleeps 11-12hours a night most nights. He is usually asleep by 7:30PM & wakes up between 6:30-7:30AM!
  • “Exercises” with us – loves stroller rides in the BOB, bike rides in his trailer, and swimming in the pool
  • Walks with his push toy, climbs the stairs (up not down), plays peek a boo & clapping, loves reading & throwing balls (we think he’s a lefty!)
  • He’s quite the chatterbox – does the “dadadada”, “mamama”, “doy doy doy”, “ba”,  and makes all kinds of funny sounds!!
  • He has 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom) & continues to grow like a weed!!

Pro Tip:

If you haven’t taken the time to schedule a family photo shoot, I highly recommend it! Our photo shoot took just under one hour and we have over 200 photos to choose from! While it can be intimidating to find someone on your own, I recommend getting referrals from friends & coworkers. It’s always so much better when you are comfortable with the photographer and can provide ideas & speak up if you’re not getting what you want. We love Caroline for anyone in the Indy area!!

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