9 Ways to Live a More Authentic Life

9 Ways to Live More Authentic Life

As I continue to grow into the woman I am today, living an authentic life is something I aspire to daily. In a world where everyone puts their best face forward on social media, it can be easy to look around and feel like authenticity is hard to come by. Here are 9 ways to live a more authentic life:

  1. Take time each morning for self reflection. I am trying to get better at waking up before Aidan, pouring myself a cup of coffee, and taking time to reflect & pray on where I am and where I’m meant to go. I have been in the bad habit of going straight to social media (Instagram, followed by Facebook, followed by Pinterest & ending with Snapchat) and then diving into emails and the “news” – specifically People Magazine. My days are infinitely better when I take time for myself in the morning for self reflection.
  2. Set short term & long term goals. Along those same lines, take time during that self reflection to set goals. While the goals themselves may not seem like it would help you live authentically, I believe that the practice of setting goals will help you become more authentic. What really matters to you? What do you want to achieve in life? How are you going to get there?
  3. Listen more. By listening to others, it can become obvious very quickly who you should surround yourself with. Take the time to learn about other people. Learn about the world, your community, your neighbors. Learn about the struggles of others, if only to help you understand your own life challenges. People who talk more than they listen are a red flag for being inauthentic.
  4. Strive for purposeful connections. Take the time to find others who will support you & challenge you to be authentic. Someone who will call you out. People who can hold you accountable. Those relationships will steer you down the path of authenticity.
  5. Find your passion & dive in. Anyone who engages in their passion – whether it be sports, crafts, writing, etc. – are bound to feel more authentic. What are you passionate about? Do you get to engage in your passion regularly?? What can you do today to incorporate your passions more into your every day life?
  6. Don’t let the Internet deter you. It’s easy to look online & think – “Wow, everyone’s life seems so perfect.” I fall into that trap to. I believe that my blog SHOULD be aspirational for people. That you come here to read about ways to better yourself, find new ideas on travel & fashion, get inspired to eat healthier & entertain more. Does that mean my life looks like that everyday? Of course not. As a person who LOVES reading other blogs & scrolling through Instagram, I have to remind myself that while it may look like everyone has this idealistic life of travel, high fashion, and experiences, that is not the full story.
  7. Focus on health. I think it’s equally as important to maintain physical health as it is mental health, and while trying to be more authentic in your actions, I think it’s easier to achieve if you’re also living a healthy lifestyle. You may think these two are unrelated, that healthy people aren’t necessarily authentic people. I agree. But, I also believe people can hide behind an unhealthy lifestyle leading them down an inauthentic path.
  8. Get comfortable with yourself. If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin, you’ll be more apt to live an inauthentic life. If there’s something you don’t love about yourself, you’ll be bound to overcompensate and try to hide it. Address your insecurities and acknowledge them for what they are.
  9. Be thankful. If you are thankful for what you have, instead of focused on what you don’t have, you are more likely to feel complete.

In an attempt to live more authentically, I am continuing to evolve the content of my blog to be a better reflection of who I am & want to be. The change shouldn’t be too overwhelming, but I encourage you all to follow along (subscribe!) for exclusive content & personal updates from me!! Sign up at the bottom of this post or through the side bar! Excited to continue this life journey with all of you.

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