Best of J.Crew Fall Arrivals – Workday Chic

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Earlier this week, I posted a “Pretty in Pink” themed post with some of my favorites from J.Crew’s latest new arrivals. Today, I’m focused on workday chic. My office has a pretty low key dress policy. We can wear jeans everyday, and even tennis shoes on Fridays. Living in suburban Indiana, we also don’t have the pressure for high fashion like my friends that live in NYC or Chicago or even LA experience. I’ve found myself slipping into the ease and simplicity of jeans, a cute top, and flats for my go-to outfit pretty much all day everyday. You’re lucky to see my dry and curl my hair (a ponytail is just SO.MUCH.EASIER with a 1-year-old)…

This fall, I want to up my work wear and at least TRY to put together a couple cute outfits a week (let’s be real here…I don’t want to overcommit…). What I love about J.Crew is work wear is what they do best. All the pieces are feminine, chic & affordable. I’m a sucker for the blazers, blouses & sweaters…and of course the accessories!! If you look into my closet at the section I like to call “things to wear to work”, I’d argue 90% comes from J.Crew (which is probably something I need to work on…).

What are your favorite work wear pieces??

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