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Excited to share with you all a new series this year! Each month I’ll be posting some of my favorite things that have caught my eye. I seem to always stumble across cute things that don’t ever warrant a post on there own, so this is a great way to capture it all in one place.

January Finds:

1. The latest Williams Sonoma catalog featured the new & exclusive Georgetown Cupcakes mixes! I’m so excited to go and try these out. You may know that Williams Sonoma also carries the Sprinkles cupcake mixes, which Kyle & I have enjoyed, but I am SO EXCITED for the Georgetown Cupcake vanilla cupcake mix. Vanilla Vanilla is my favorite – especially there. We’ve been to Georgetown Cupcakes in DC (at the original location), NYC, and Boston and I always default to “vanilla vanilla”. – $14 – $25

2. I got a J.Crew gift card for Christmas and am pretty excited to get this A-line Cream Wool Dress. My office dress culture is very casual, but I do have to visit customers and some trainings that are more “business casual”. – $198

3. Since taking my Espresso Fundamentals class, I’ve been dying to make my own lattes at home. We have a nice coffee machine, but I haven’t been able to get the espresso tasting right. I saw this espresso machine on a Consumer Reports rating of best at home espresso makers and really want to start saving for it! – $599

4. This rose gold ring from Club Monaco is so perfect and simple – $95

5. My all-time favorite body wash is the LUSH Ocean Salt scrub. I especially love it this time of year when all I want is the smell of the ocean to make me imagine that it is 75 and sunny outside! – $36.95

6. We keep looking for cute artwork to decorate our house and the latest from Oh, Joy! for Target does not disappoint. I especially love the “Hey You” framed artwork and at $24.99 I can’t pass it up!

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