Friday Five, vol. 2

Happy Friday! Yet another week of 2017 under our belts. Anyone have MLK Day off Monday??? I “should” have the day off, but it will be a travel day for me as I spend next week in Boca Raton, FL for a work training. I’m looking forward to getting out of the ice & cold here in Indiana, although I know my time outdoors will be limited!

What I love about this new series is how I can get all my random “likes” all in one post. I’m not really aiming for any commonalities between products, so I hope at least one of the 5 items each week appeals to you or is something you haven’t heard of before!

This Week’s Five:

How cute are these cupcakes??? I’m dying to find an occasion to make these. But do I really need a reason?? I think Valentine’s Day is good enough?

Work’s been a little crazy lately, and with Kyle traveling off & on over the next few weeks, I feel like my makeup routine will need some brightening. I’ve been eyeing the YSL Radiant Touch – anyone reading ever tried it?? I’m always a little skeptical about product that claims it’ll make me look like I’ve slept 8 hours…but hey, it could be worth the try!

Every new year, I like to have a clean start to my work bag. I usually get a brand new notebook (I just love Rifle Paper Co.) to help me feel more organized.

As some of you know, I’ve recently gotten really into drinking tea. It all started with a love for Aveda tea & now, when I go to our local mall I always make a stop into David’s Tea. They recently launched their Feel Good Collection and I’m interested to try! The Bucha Superfruit smelled SO GOOD, while the Cocoa Boost isn’t exactly my cup of tea (see what I did there???).

Finally – Guys! Aidan is SO CLOSE to wearing a size 2T! This opens up a whole new wardrobe as he graduates from more of the infant/toddler section into little boys clothes!! I won’t lie – everytime I go into J.Crew for myself or Kyle, I stop in the back to look at all the little boy clothes. I love their Crew Cuts section!! While infant/toddler boy clothes aren’t as easy to shop for, I’m optimistic that as he gets older our options will continue to grow!


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