Winter Wear: Baby Boy

Two-in-one Cozy Jacket / Logo Knitwear / This fleece lined hat/ This pocket pet applique 

My favorite clothing brand for Aidan hands down is Mini Boden. At the start of any season, I stock up his wardrobe with shirts & pants from there and pepper in extras from Target’s Cat & Jack or Hanna Andersson (almost ALL of Aidan’s pajamas are from there!).

I love Boden because, at least here in Indiana, it’s fairly unique. I’ve found that because there is such a limited amount of options for boys fashion. Inevitably you have the same wardrobe as every other boy in the area. I like that Boden is high quality, adorable, and almost no one else has it!  While the initial price point may seem high, check out the clearance section for some amazing deals! Right now, it’s up to 60% off. I got Aidan some shorts, bathing suit & T-shirts for our upcoming Florida trip, all 60% off!

This past winter, I was optimistic everything I got would last us through the season, but it’s looking like our little man is growing too fast and there is still too much cold weather ahead of us. So it’s back to the drawing board, and these few pieces are screaming for me to add them to his closet! I mean, how CUTE is that vest – which happens to be a jacket with removable sleeves????

Where do you shop for your little boy? What are your favorite winter pieces? 

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