Night Out at Nada

We’ve been dying to check out Nada, a modern Mexican restaurant in downtown Indianapolis.  A couple weeks ago, we decided to go for an early dinner and bring Aidan (which is always a risk) and meet up with a friend. This place is always packed, so we were thankful to get there before the crowds and pretty much have the place to ourselves. We had to laugh that usually people try to get the full ambience experience, but with Aidan we were thankful to not have to worry too much about how he was behaving.

The food & drinks are delicious! I got a strawberry margarita and got the “Señor Mu Shu” tacos. OMG those tacos! They are modelo & ginger braised pork, sesame, ancho hoisin, lime cabbage, and avocado. It’s Chinese food meets Mexican food, and it’s incredible.

My friend got the special, a Mexican street corn inspired tamale with shrimp. It was tasty but super heavy – a good dish to share not to have for yourself.

Kyle got the tacos as well, but he got the Chicken “Al Carbon”. He preferred his tacos over mine. I preferred mine over his, so it looks like we both chose right.

My only real gripe about the menu was that you don’t have the option to mix & match tacos. You are stuck getting 3 of the same type. It’s such a shame since there are 10 varieties of tacos to choose from, and I know most patrons would want to taste a few to see which one you like. Between fried avocado, crispy pork belly & a pot roast inspired taco…it’s disappointing to only get to try one flavor at a time.

However, we will be back. Many times I hope. The cocktails & food were on point, and we have more tacos to try!!

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