February Goals & Update

January came & went so quickly, and I must admit that I’m not sad it’s over. January always seems to be one of the toughest months despite all my attempts to make it better. This new year has brought more new changes as I transitioned into a “new” role with my company which comes with more travel and more time than before. I love travel, but with Kyle’s work schedule, it’s getting to be a little tricky as we plan trips around Aidan.

February doesn’t appear to lighten up, with a trip to San Diego (that I just got back from last night), trip to Atlanta, & trip to Tampa coming these next couple of weeks. Add on top of that, Kyle’s trips to Illinois, Cleveland, California, & Tampa and I can’t believe we actually see each other.

Shout out to all working moms AND dads out there – it’s not easy! In the ultimate show of work/life balance and managing two careers, I’m bringing Aidan on my work trip to Atlanta. Luckily, I have family close to the office there and my sister-in-law will watch him while I have my meetings. Kyle will be in California, so it’s just crazy on top of crazy.

With all the craziness, my goals for February are simple:

  • Maximize the time I’m home – with Aidan, with Kyle, with how I spend my free time
  • Continue fitting in workouts (at least 4x a week) – between Barre Code & the BBG my workouts have been going strong!!
  • Try my hand at making a few Valentine’s Day treats 
  • Create my lead magnet for my blog
  • Stick to our budget – I’ve blogged about budgeting before, but want to dive into this further as Kyle & I get better & better at this
  • Spend time with friends & family each week

What do you hope to accomplish in February?

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