Aidan’s 18 Month Update

Hard to believe our little guy is 1.5 years old! We are in the throes of all the cliche toddler behaviors. From melt downs, to more communication, to exploring to picky eating – we’ve got it covered!


  • Aidan’s vocabulary is ever-growing! It’s so much fun to communicate with him. We have a “Baby’s First Words” chart we are quickly filling out, and are up close to 60 words! He’s still working on the stringing 2-3 words together, but luckily we have enough words we are working with that I think many meltdowns have been avoided because he’s able to communicate his needs/wants.
  • His personality is contagious. He is super outgoing, albeit not the “nicest” kid. He is active, loud, destructive, and all things boy. When I say he’s not the “nicest”, it’s been funny to watch his interactions with other kids his age. He is quick to assert himself and let the others know that it is HIS toy or HIS space…we’re working on it…Luckily this seems pretty age appropriate so we’re just rolling with it!
  • He’s old enough to start soccer! We (especially Kyle) is so excited to get him started with soccer classes. His first “practice” is March 11, and with his age group, parents are required on the field. Kyle is starting to practice himself so he can (and I quote…) “dominate the other kids”. It’ll be fun to watch that’s for sure!


  • Diaper changes are the worst. I’ve heard both sides to this – some children don’t mind diaper changes at all, and some have major meltdowns. We’re on the “major meltdown” side…I mean it is World War 3 EVERY TIME we change his diaper. The only way to get through a diaper change is with a YouTube video of “Wheels on the Bus”. Yep, it’s as bad as it sounds for everyone. He makes me want to start potty-training ASAP to get us out of this stage. Come spring, we are definitely going to try if this doesn’t get better.
  • His eczema flare ups are so sad. Aidan’s skin is super sensitive, and he has red patches of eczema on his shoulder, behind his knee, and on his stomach. We treat it with a steroid, but in reality this will be something we hope he grows out of or manage through lotion. In the winter & when he’s sick are the worst. He gets really itchy and it looks like a rash. We always lather him up & apply the steroid, but open to hearing any suggestions for those of you who have eczema or kids with eczema!

What I wish I knew…

  • Did you know there’s this thing called the 18 month sleep regression???? Well we definitely found out about it. Our little man was sleeping from 7:30-7:30 consistently for months. And then these past few weeks we’ve been struggling to go to bed without tears and waking up at 5:30am ready to start the day.
  • Eating habits are unpredictable. Some days he LOVES pasta and meat sauce, some days he hates it. Some days he LOVES peaches, some days he is not interested. Some days he’ll try new foods. Other days, he won’t go near it. We do not want to be short order cooks, but it’s tough at this age to both develop that skill and “reason” with your kids. I feel like we are borderline too little to understand, so I’d rather him get his nutrients in than be tough on him. I also know that habits form early, and consistency is key…so we go back & forth with what the right thing to do here is. I know some kids love to eat, and others are super picky. I’d say Aidan is pretty in-between. He’s not great, but he’s not horrible. I wish we knew what to do here…

And because we’ve been so busy with work trips, Aidan’s 18 month doctor visit will be more like a 20 month doctor visit…so updated height/weight will have to come in a couple months when we’re finally able to get in!!

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