Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

I love baking for the holidays, and after I saw the Williams-Sonoma catalog for February come out with these adorable sugar cookies, I knew I wanted to recreate them. This was my first try at royal icing, which has always intimidated me. Making royal icing is easy – all you need are egg whites (or meringue powder), vanilla extract & powdered sugar – it’s the decorating with royal icing that has scared me away.

The trick, I found, was to have multiple consistencies of your icing. You need a thicker consistency for the outline and a runny consistency for “the flood” part. Add to that multiples bowls for various colors and you’re looking at a whole lot of dishes…

I watched this YouTube video to get more ideas and see technique. I also enjoyed this video for more tips & tricks. Filling the cookie with ONE color wasn’t too bad, it was the decorating part I found to be challenging. The royal icing hardens fairly quickly so you should really decorate one cookie at a time.

As for the cookies, I used Sally’s Baking Addiction’s sugar cookie recipe. I made them a little thin so they’re harder than I’d like, but really my goal here was the decorating part, not the cookie part.

What do you think??? I may retry again this weekend!!

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