My Everyday Beauty Routine

I’m excited to share with you all today my “everyday beauty routine”. Between the little guy running around, managing a full time job & trying to consistently blog, plus trying to fit in a workout at least 4x a week, it’s easy to say that my beauty routine is pretty low maintenance. For those who know me well, you won’t typically see me all caked in makeup. I prefer a natural look, and have been working to refine over the past couple of years.

My beauty look always left a lot to be desired. I never REALLY learned how to apply makeup, and I have plenty of horrible photographs to prove it. While I definitely still have plenty of room for improvement, I have mastered a 10 minute face that at least lets me feel comfortable to walk out the door!

I try to use, fewer & better makeup products, and have primarily stuck to higher quality brands than the drugstore find. I’ve found most of these brands (Bobbi Brown, Nars, Dior, & Smashbox) keep my skin clear from blemishes better than their cheaper counterparts.

In the winter, I tend to have a heavier hand on the foundation than in the summer. Right now, I am starting with a base liquid foundation “Dior Star” that I absolutely love! I use the Bobbi Brown foundation brush that allows you to apply an even, thicker coat versus using your fingers. Plus, it’s much better for your skin to avoid touching your face!


After the liquid foundation, I use the Bobbi Brown powder foundation to set my face.  This makes my skin look wrinkle & blemish free! Next step is contouring, and before it scares you aware, I use a fairly minimal amount from the Smashbox contour kit to contour my cheeks & neck and apply some bronzer. I love the glow the contouring provides and also makes my cheeks a little skinnier which is never a bad thing. (Hoping to contour away my double chin!!)


For color, I add Nars blush, lipstick (I usually use YSL), and a plum color eyeliner by Laura Mercier. Finish it off with mascara and a little concealer under my eyes and I’m ready to head out the door!


Can you believe this is my “non-makeup” look? Thank goodness for a 10 minute fix!


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