How to Create Custom Backdrops

I’m so excited about all the small steps I have taken to improve my blog this year. One of the more exciting steps was creating custom backdrops for my blog & Instagram pictures. While our house is cute, there aren’t a ton of “Instagrammable” places or great backdrops for all the various lifestyle photos I want to take. I prefer to take pictures outside, but with the winter in Indiana, I find most of my photos must take place in the comfort of our living room. After reading a few blog posts (here, here, & here) about branding & expanding your blog, I saw several of them have created their OWN backdrops….for super cheap!

Use resources like Canva or Gimp for free backdrops

Canva is great for creating pictures/backdrops for Instagram, Pinterest or the blog. I use Gimp for more intricate photo creations (like the gift guide here), and Canva for simple “poster” style photos. Canva has so many templates for free that you can customize with your text and photos! Gimp is a “free version” of Photoshop. It lets you manipulate layers and edit photos for a higher quality output.

Paint your own backdrop for under $5 each! 

I saw this idea on Planoly and immediately went to Menards to start this project!! I bought 2 sheets of hardboard (it’s in the section near plywood) that were 2′ x 2′. Each were $4 and you can paint both sides different colors to get 4 backdrops for $8 worth of wood! I then went to the paint section and got the small jars of sample paint and had them tint a few to the colors I wanted. Each sample jar was $3.  So for a total of $20, I got 4 different backdrops created. My new plan is to buy a one more sheet of wood each month more to add more color options!! By the end of the year, I’ll have plenty of color options to choose from!

Pick up a white foam board

You know, the kind you used to make your school projects from. I bought a tri-fold foam board for $9.99 at Target. I’m tempted to cut off one of the smaller flaps to make the perfect folded backdrop that is a “true white”. You can buy a bi-fold on Amazon for $6.99. Totally worth it and easy to store!

Buy wrapping paper or fabric

Places like Paper Source, Rifle Paper Co, Target, & Michaels have great wrapping paper options. You can staple the sheets of wrapping paper or fabric to wood or poster board for more stability. Amazon has a trio of Rifle Paper Co gift wrapping paper for $33. You can use the paper you need for a backdrop, and use the leftovers for gifts this year!


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