5 Travel Must Haves

It has been a crazy start to 2017. This past week alone, I was on a plane Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday. Kyle & I already have 14 Marriott nights combined, which doesn’t include the past 4 nights staying with Kyle’s parents. That adds up to over 1/3 of the year being spent OUTSIDE our house. It’s exhausting, but fun and we’ve learned over the past several trips some key “must haves” to make the trip more enjoyable!


More often than not, I’m traveling solo for work. I love my Bose headphones. I have the “sport” variety that is in ear & has a microphone for taking calls on the go. For only $99, they’re a great deal considering the quality. They’re also perfect if you want to workout on your trip to be an “all-in-one” headphone.

Kyle prefers the noise canceling version from Bose to drown out all the chatter on the plane. It’s pretty amazing how great they work, and while it’s a steeper price point ($299), it’s definitely worth it if you travel regularly. They aren’t the greatest multipurpose headphone, so you’d want a separate pair for working out.

Weekender Bag

As often as possible, I try not to check a bag. Unless I’m flying Southwest since they offer free checked bags. Considering most of my trips are short & sweet, it always seems a little excessive to check a bag. I’ve found that by investing in a larger carry on bag, in additional to a roller bag, can really help maximize what you can take with you. I used to use a small tote as my “personal item” but it just wasn’t cutting it. I now use the Catalina weekender bag from Lo & Sons and can’t rave about it enough! It was my hospital bag when I delivered Aidan, and is a bag we take on almost every vacation.

There is a separate bottom compartment great for diapers/wipes, clothes, beauty products, or even your laptop & cords. I love that it is separate from the rest of the bag to allow for easier access.

Comfy Travel Clothes

My travel style exudes comfort. I’m 9 out of 10 times found in light layers and workout gear. I can’t tell you how many times an airport in January is SO HOT because of the heater, or the plane is SO COLD because the fans are on full blast. I also work up a sweat when I travel with Aidan just maneuvering all the luggage, stroller, carseat, etc. Traveling in layers is a must. Whether it’s a cardigan or light jacket, and I always travel in socks & tennis shoes for ease of getting around the airport. It also helps with packing to wear your bulkiest items – tennis shoes or coats, for example. I try not to get too caught up in how I look, because let’s be real – no one cares and I’m usually going from Point A (one airport) to Point B (my hotel). The only exception to my travel look is if I go for work, in which case I may be stuck wearing nicer work appropriate clothes depending on the itinerary and my travel companions…

Water Bottle

Long travel days always leave me dehydrated. I love my bkr bottle; Kyle loves his Nalgene. Admittedly, we have lost several water bottles on travel days to the point that we sometimes just buy a bottled water at the airport to avoid the extra hassle. It’s just so expensive, am I right?? When you can get FREE, filtered tap water if you just bring your own? Either way, stay hydrated and bring a bottle on the plane!


I love our iPad. We are still rocking an “original” iPad 2. It’s so old, we can barely even find a case for it to give it some protection from our 18 month old! I did find this cute one from Fishers Price, perfect for little (sticky) hands! We love taking the iPad when traveling with kids as it offers such a great distraction! We have Comcast (I know…), and you can download shows from your DVR right to your device. It is perfect to have easy access to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Daniel Tiger while on airplane mode. For the adults, it’s great to have shows & movies easily available, but on a larger screen than your phone! I don’t think we could travel without our iPad!!

What are your travel must haves? 

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