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This past weekend one of my dear friends got married in Cincinnati. For as close as Cincinnati is to Indianapolis (and given that my brother lived there a few years after college), it’s surprising how little I’ve explored the city. We were lucky enough to get the weekend “baby free”, thanks to my parents watching Aidan so we could enjoy the festivities.

The structured events didn’t take place until 5PM Saturday, so we had a pretty open morning to adventure through the city. I researched “best coffee shop in Cincinnati” and stumbled upon Collective Espresso. There are three locations in Cincinnati, and after some Google image research, I decided to check out the Northside location.

You have to keep your eyes open, because it’s pretty easy to overlook as you park on Hamilton Ave. It’s actually located off a really cool alley – so just keep walking, you’ll eventually find the front door!

Kyle got a mocha & I got a latte, and they did not disappoint. The actual space is pretty small. There were two tables and then bar seating for 4. When we arrived it was fairly empty, but filled up quickly. If you plan to stay for a long time, just be patient. Like any coffee shop, guests typically stay for an hour minimum, but if you’re patient you’re bound to find an open seat.

We ended up staying for a little over an hour working – me on the blog, Kyle on his “real” job. They offered Ritual coffee (I can’t wait to visit when we go to Napa in a few weeks!), Quills coffee (from Louisville, but there’s a shop in Indy), and a couple other varieties. I took a bag of Quills home since I know I will bring home Ritual coffee shortly.

Collective Espresso was a great start to our trip to Cincinnati – I’m excited to check out their other locations for our next trip!

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