Goals for my 28th Year

Whoa. This week we celebrated my 28th birthday, and while I know in the grand scheme of life that is still super young, I can’t help but think how “old” I’m getting! As you have children, birthdays become different as well. For example, this year we were graced with not only Hand, Foot & Mouth disease (if you don’t know what it is, I DON’T recommend Googling it…) AND he pooped in the tub for the first time ever. Happy birthday to me! Kyle’s “gift” to me was changing all the diapers. Things are getting exciting over at the Murphy household!

All kidding aside, I love our lowkey celebrations with good friends, good food & a chance to have some alone time. Kyle takes care of Aidan so I can enjoy the little things like blogging!

I like to treat birthdays like the New Year – with new resolutions & goals to accomplish in the next 365 days. I’m making this year my Year of YES!

YES to new challenges

I’m excited to start selling LipSense! Haven’t heard of it? It’s this magical lipstick that doesn’t come off for HOURS. Seriously magical – and addictive! I was buying so many colors, I figured it was worth it to start selling just so I can buy at wholesale prices! Plus, my sister-in-law is my “team leader” so it’s a fun experience to share together. I was super apprehensive to start selling LipSense: I know people don’t like getting their social media feeds inundated with selfies of people trying to push product on them. Plus, it’s scary to put yourself out there to see if you’ll be successful getting new clients, especially in a market that is starting to gain more & more sellers vs. buyers. Finally, I have a full time job. This is fun “extra cash” to buy new things to try out on the blog, but as someone who can’t dedicate hours & hours to this, I know it will only get so big.

I also want to challenge myself on the blog. We’ve lived in Indy for a year now (wow!) and are settling into our new community. I want to begin sharing Indianapolis on the blog – not as an “Indy” blog, but incorporate the places we visit among the posts of fashion & food! To do that, Kyle & I need to explore our community more & meet more people to help me on this journey!

YES to healthy living

Isn’t every year, the year of healthy living? I know this is aspirational, but I’m looking forward to continuing the journey I’ve started toward healthy living to make it even better.

I recently purchased a Yumbox with some birthday money and am excited to pack my lunch in this Bento box for work. The Tapas size is the right “adult” size lunchbox and fits 4 moderate size portions + a small space for a treat/dip. Totally recommend it!

Of course, working out, eating less sugar, and all the obvious culprits count here, too. Luckily, my birthday is also the official change from winter to spring. By April 18, there are never frost days or truly cold days making working out and eating healthy much easier. The challenge is maintaining the lifestyle through holidays & the cold season.

YES to new adventures

I want to keep this goal open. I don’t know what adventures 28 will have in store, but I’m open to them & actively seeking them out! Whether it’s with our family or personally, I want to make sure that 28 is full of adventure & excitement. I have joined two organizations in the Indianapolis community – The Children’s Museum Guild and EDGE Mentoring which will provide opportunities for adventure and meeting new people.

Favorite Photos from my 27th Year:

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