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If you ever visit wine country in California, you have to visit Ehlers Estate. Located up in St. Helena, just north of Napa, Ehlers Estate is 100% organic and offers a diverse variety of wines. We signed up for the “Start Your Day Tasting Experience” after receiving recommendations to check it out. Beginning at 9:30am, the tasting includes a private tour of the vineyard, 6+ wine pours, a barrel sample & croissants from Bouchon.

Kyle & I were the only people there for the tour, which I’m honestly not sure if that is intentional or if we were just lucky. When we walked in, we saw a casual seating area with couches & chairs and a sign reading “Welcome Murphys” there to greet us. We were drooling over the croissants from Bouchon Bakery, the famous bakery by Thomas Keller, but had to wait until after our tour to enjoy (rough life…).

Our host led us on a guided tour of the property to learn about biodynamic agriculture (or more appropriately, viticulture) and the history of the vineyard. Ehlers Estate offers a wide variety of wines, primarily red wine. While walking around the property, we sipped the Sauvignon Blanc, which is a perfect crisp wine for a warm day.

He led us through the vineyard, past the chicken coop, and into the barrel room where we were able to have a barrel tasting of one of their red wines. It is always such a treat to try wine out of the barrel – in most cases it will be another year before it is bottled and the rest of the world can try! The property has a bocce ball court, picnic area, and olive trees (not enough for them to bottle). I wish we had known how private the tasting was going to be as we would have planned to stay there much longer to relax and enjoy!

Once back to the main house, we began our seated tasting (and could finally eat the croissants). Kyle had 2 of the 3 croissants because I’m THAT great of a wife! We sampled the Petit Verdot, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon – all were amazing. Before leaving, he offered us additional “splashes” of our favorites (Cab Franc for me, Cab Sauvignon for Kyle) and let us try the Rosé that was not originally a part of the tasting. Pro tip – most wineries offer you above & beyond the tasting menu – you usually just have to ask!

We took a bottle of the Merlot & Cabernet Franc home with us since those were two unique varietals (everyone has Cab Sauvignon). The prices of the wine were super affordable, too, which made it hard for us to narrow down to just a couple bottles.

Overall, this was a 5 out of 5. The setting was perfect, the wine was delicious, the croissants were amazing, and the pricing was affordable. Plus you have the option to literally stay all day. You seriously can’t beat it!

Image – Ehlers Estate




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