Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks

Guys. It’s here! Nordstrom Credit/Debit Cardholders have from July 13-July 20 to exclusively shop the Anniversary before everyone else. Anniversary Sale for everyone runs from July 21-August 6!

I’ve been shopping the Anniversary Sale for a few years now, and only recently (2 years) became a cardholder. I went ahead and did the debit card version so it didn’t impact my credit – same thing I did for Target – and I have no regrets!

If you don’t want a card, still think about joining their Nordstrom Rewards and get a $10 Nordstrom Note to use for the sale!!

The deal with the sale is that this is all “new” inventory coming out at a marked-down price before going up for the rest of the season. The only way you can view these pieces now are through the catalog – they aren’t currently available to shop (and therefore, link). BUT – I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite item #s for you to bookmark, as well as some current pieces for inspiration!


In Beauty, there are always great bundle sets. It was at the sale last year that I tried La Mer for the first time. Normally out of my price range, I was able to find a great bundle set (albeit smaller sizes) at an “affordable” price point! It’s also the first time I tried Diptyque. This year, both brands are in the sale with some great bundles! I also love trying some of the makeup kits like a “look in a box” from Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury or Laura Mercier.

Be sure to bookmark these item numbers for the sale (links won’t be active until July 13!): 5149353, 5370778, 5369427, 5369439, 5358560, & 5367238

I also love to get designer jeans on sale. I usually get a pair of Paige colored jeans (seems to always be available!) and Rag & Bone or Frame pair of basics. It’s some of the only times to get such great deals on these brands.

Be sure to bookmark these item numbers: 5080091, 5355266, 5221691

While it’s tough to think about Fall/Winter in the heat of July, now is the time to get some new boots for the upcoming season!! The list of shoes included in the sale is INSANE! I’ve limited my selection to 5, but think about brands like Sorel, Sperry, Vince Camuto, Hinge, and more with tons of great deals!

Be sure to bookmark: 5344929, 5345505, 5147783, 5364673, 5354690 (I like the Olive color!)

And of course, the deals on

Be sure to bookmark: 5346323, 5346321, 5351139 
Barbour Jackets

Now is the time to invest in some great outerwear, too! Barbour jackets are always a hot sale item, usually selling out of popular sizes super fast. Keep your eye out for what’s included coming soon!

For more details on the Anniversary Sale, check out Nordstrom’s dedicated page!

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